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Resolutions of the CGPM: 21st meeting (11-15 October 1999)
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Participation at the General Conference
24th meeting of the CGPM (2011): Presentations by CC Presidents
See also: Reports from CC Presidents at previous meetings of the CGPM
Resolutions of the CGPM
Proceedings of the CGPM
Chain of responsibility
Procedure for a State to become a Member of the BIPM
Procedure for a State or Economy to become an Associate of the General Conference
Evolving Needs for Metrology in Trade, Industry and Society, and the Role of the BIPM
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1Long-term needs relating to metrology
2Mutual recognition of national measurement standards and of calibration and measurement certificates issued by national metrology institutes
3Associates of the Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures
4The need to use SI units in studies of Earth resources, the environment, human well-being and related issues
5Revision of the mise en pratique of the definition of the metre
6Requirements for dimensional metrology
7The definition of the kilogram
8Operational primary frequency standards
9Extension of the International Temperature Scale below 0.65 K
10Metrology in chemistry
11Metrology in biotechnology
12Special name for the SI derived unit mole per second, the katal, for the expression of catalytic activity
13Dotation of the BIPM