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Conferences, workshops and general assemblies
EFTF 2016: 30th European Frequency and Time Forum
York (United Kingdom), 4-7 April 2016

Workshop on Improved Reliability for Moisture Measurements
Taastrup (Denmark), 11 May 2016

CSNC2016: 7th China Satellite Navigation Conference
Changsha (China), 18-20 May 2016

10th EURAMET General Assembly
Oslo (Norway), 23-27 May 2016

The Science of Time
Cambridge, MA (United States), 5-9 June 2016

41st Annual NIST Time and Frequency Seminar
Boulder, CO (United States), 7-10 June 2016

Zakopane (Poland), 26 June to 1 July 2016

EFTS 2016: European Frequency and Time Seminar
Besançon (France), 27 June to 1 July 2016

CPEM 2016: Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
Ottawa (Canada), 10-15 July 2016

2016 NCSLI Workshop & Symposium: Measurement Accuracy and the Impact on Society
Saint Paul, MN (United States), 24-28 July 2016

VIII International Symposium "Metrology of Time and Space"
St Petersburg (Russian Federation), 14-16 September 2016

Simposio Metrología 2016
Santiago de Querétaro (Mexico), 19-23 September 2016

MMC 2016: Metrology for Meteorology and Climate
Madrid (Spain), 26-29 September 2016

MATHMET 2016: Mathematics and Statistics for Metrology
Berlin (Germany), 7-9 November 2016

9th International Workshop on Analysis of Dynamic Measurements
Berlin (Germany), 9-10 November 2016

10th International Scientific Meeting of the Centre of Metrological Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (CIRME) "Ten years after" (under JCTLM auspices)
Milan (Italy), 17-18 November 2016

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