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Derived units expressed in terms of base units
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Derived units expressed in terms of base units
Units with special names and symbols; units that incorporate special names and symbols
Units for dimensionless quantities, also called quantities of dimension one
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SI brochure, Section 2.2.1

The number of quantities in science is without limit, and it is not possible to provide a complete list of derived quantities and derived units. However, Table 2 lists some examples of derived quantities, and the corresponding coherent derived units expressed directly in terms of base units.

Table 2. Examples of coherent derived units in the SI expressed in terms of base units

Derived quantity SI coherent derived unit
Name Symbol Name Symbol
area A square metre m2
volume V cubic metre m3
speed, velocity v ital metre per second m/s
acceleration a metre per second squared m/s2
wavenumber sigma, nu tilde reciprocal metre m–1
density, mass density rho kilogram per cubic metre kg/m3
surface density rhoA kilogram per square metre kg/m2
specific volume v cubic metre per kilogram m3/kg
current density j ampere per square metre A/m2
magnetic field strength H ampere per metre A/m
amount concentration (a), concentration c mole per cubic metre mol/m3
mass concentration rho, gamma kilogram per cubic metre kg/m3
luminance Lv candela per square metre cd/m2
refractive index (b) n one 1
relative permeability (b) r one 1

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