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    The Metre Convention
     Member States and Associates
     General Conference on Weights and Measures
     Official texts and BIPM Compendium
     CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement
     Relations with other international bodies
     World Metrology Day
      – Resolutions of the CGPM
      – Chain of responsibility
      – Site for Directors of NMIs of Member States
      – Site for Directors of NMIs of Associates
      – Site for Representatives of States Parties to the Metre Convention
      – Services available to Associate States and Economies of the CGPM, and their participation in the CIPM MRA
      – Procedure for a State to become a Member of the BIPM
      – Procedure for a State or Economy to become an Associate of the General Conference
    CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement
     CIPM MRA documents
     CIPM and regional key comparisons
     Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of NMIs
     Participation in the CIPM MRA
     Use of the CIPM MRA logo
     Symposium to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the CIPM MRA
      – The essential points of the CIPM MRA
      – Historical development of the CIPM MRA
      – Organizational structure of the CIPM MRA
      – Potential economic impact of the CIPM MRA
      – KCDB leaflet
    Committee structure of the Metre Convention
     Consultative Committees
     Joint Committees
      – Rules of procedure for the CCs and their WGs
      – Directory of Consultative Committees
      – Chain of responsibility
      – Evolving Needs for Metrology in Trade, Industry and Society, and the Role of the BIPM
      – Site for Directors of NMIs of Member States
      – Site for Directors of NMIs of Associates
      – BIPM discussion forum
    The BIPM headquarters
     Mission, Role and Objectives
     BIPM Organigram
     Director's Reports
     BIPM calibration and measurement services
     Ongoing comparisons conducted by the BIPM
     International cooperation
     BIPM events
     The site at Sèvres
     Publications of the BIPM
     History of the Pavillon de Breteuil
     Current vacancies at the BIPM
      – BIPM staff directory
      – How to get to the BIPM headquarters
    The International System of Units (SI) – and the "New SI"...
     SI base units
     SI derived units
     SI prefixes
     SI brochure (8th edition - 2006, updated in 2014)
     On the possible future revision of the SI
     Workshop on Physiological Quantities and SI Units
     Brief history of the SI
      – Linking SI base units to fundamental and atomic constants
      – Unit conversions
      – On the possible future revision of the SI
    Scientific work of the BIPM
     Ionizing radiation
      – Other sections at the BIPM
      – Staff directory
      – Calibrations
      – Scientific publications in the open literature
    Publications of the BIPM
     BIPM: Mission, Role and Objectives
     BIPM e-News and Core Data
     Director's Reports
     Rapport annuel aux Gouvernements des Hautes Parties Contractantes
     Proceedings of CGPM, CIPM and CC meetings
     SI brochure
     Mise en pratique of the definition of the kelvin
     Guides in Metrology
     Scientific publications in the open literature
     Rapports BIPM
     Reports of BIPM Workshops
     JCTLM Newsletter
      – Recommended values of standard frequencies
      – BIPM Annual Report on Time Activities
      – Monographies BIPM
      – Other Monographs
      – BIPM Working Party Notes
      – Other miscellaneous publications
    Practical information
     Useful links
     Calendar of meetings
     BIPM highlights
     Frequently asked questions
      – Directory of Consultative Committees
      – Abbreviations and acronyms
      – What time is it?
      – Disclaimer, copyright and permissions
      – Unit conversions
      – How to get to the BIPM headquarters
      – BIPM staff directory
      – BIPM key comparison database
      – Laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostics