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Group photo, taken on 21 September 2007

Executive summary of the workshop

Additional contributions Workshop programme and presentations

Thursday 20 September
10:00-10:05 Opening – Introduction

Session 1: Recent advances and validations of the IERS Conventions models (Theme 1)

Thursday 20 September, 10:05-12:10 Chairperson: Brian Luzum
10:05-10:25 J. Ray, G. Petit
Past, present and possible updates to the IERS Conventions
10:25-10:40 J. Boehm, V. Tesmer
S1/S2 atmospheric loading in VLBI analysis
10:40-10:55 P. Steigenberger, V. Tesmer, J. Boehm
A priori gradients in the analysis of GPS and VLBI observations
10:55-11:10 R. Biancale
Ocean and atmospheric tides standards (used for EIGEN gravity field modelling)
11:10-11:30 S. Klioner
Relativistic aspects of the IERS Conventions

[coffee break]

11:45-12:00 A. Brzezinski
Contribution of the S1 thermal tide to Earth rotation: comparison of geophysical models and geodetic observations
12:00-12:10 R. Ray (presented by C. Ma)
Thoughts on the Diurnal/Semidiurnal EOP Model

Session 2: Technique-dependent conventions (Theme 4)

Thursday 20 September, 12:10-13:10 Chairperson: Bernd Richter
12:10-12:25 A. Nothnagel
Technique-dependent conventions – VLBI
12:25-12:40 J. Ray, G. Gendt
IGS models for GNSS-specific effects
12:40-12:55 E. Pavlis
Towards an improved ILRS TRF contribution
12:55-13:10 Discussion


Session 3: Conventional contributions to local station displacements: what to include? (Theme 2)

Thursday 20 September, 14:00-15:30 Chairperson: John Ries
14:00-14:30 J. Ray, Z. Altamimi, T. van Dam, T. Herring
Position paper: Principles for conventional contributions to modelled station displacements
14:30-15:00 H.-P. Plag, G. Blewitt, T. Herring
Position paper: Towards a conventional treatment of surface-load induced deformations
15:00-15:15 J.-C. Marty, R. Biancale
Non-tidal atmospheric and oceanic loading effects
15:15-15:30 Discussion

[coffee break]

Session 4: Evolution of the realization of reference systems (Theme 3)

Thursday 20 September, 16:00-17:30 Chairperson: Tonie van Dam
16:00-16:30 G. Petit, J. Ries, Z. Altamimi, C. Boucher, J. Ray
Discussion paper: The realization of the origin of the terrestrial reference system
16:30-16:50 Z. Altamimi
Current status of the ITRS realization
16:50-17:10 H. Drewes
On the ITRS datum specifications
17:10-17:30 C. Boucher
Recommended concepts and terminology related to Terrestrial Reference Systems. Implication of IAU, IUGG, IAG and IERS

Session 5: Evolution of the realization of reference systems (Theme 3, continued)

Friday 21 September, 09:30-11:00 Chairperson: Harald Schuh
09:30-10:00 Discussion on Session 4
10:00-10:20 C. Ma
Attributes of the ICRF
10:20-10:40 N. Capitaine
Implementing the IAU 2006 resolutions in the transformation between celestial and terrestrial reference systems
10:40-11:00 P. Wallace
SOFA support for the IAU 2006 precession model

[coffee break and group photo]

Session 6: Evolution of the realization of reference systems (Theme 3, continued)

Friday 21 September, 11:40-12:40 Chairperson: Felicitas Arias
11:40-12:00 J. Ihde
Consideration of a Global Vertical Reference System in the IERS Conventions
12:00-12:20 A. Dermanis, D. Tsoulis
Numerical evidence for the inconsistent separation of the ITRF-ICRF transformation into precession-nutation, diurnal rotation and polar motion
12:20-12:40 W.-J. Wang, W.-B. Shen, H.-W. Zhang
Verifications for multiple solutions of triaxial Earth rotation


Session 7: Evolution of the Conventions (Theme 5)

Friday 21 September, 14:00-15:30 Chairperson: Gérard Petit
14:00-14:20 B. Luzum, G. Brockett
IERS Conventions as an electronic document: How far do we go?
14:20-14:40 B. Luzum, M.S. Carter
Does conventional software need conventions?
14:40-15:00 M. Gerstl
Requirements of a user on the IERS Conventions models
15:00-15:20 M. Gerstl
Safety and portability of Conventions software
15:20-15:30 Discussion

[coffee break]

Session 8:

Friday 21 September, 16:00-17:00
16:00-17:00 General discussion
Conclusions of the meeting