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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM)

The principal task of the CIPM is to promote world-wide uniformity in units of measurement and it does this by direct action or by submitting draft resolutions to the General Conference (CGPM).

Duties of the CIPM include the responsibility to:

    discuss the work of the BIPM under the delegated authority of the CGPM;

    issue an Annual Report on the administrative and financial position of the BIPM to the governments of the States Parties to the Metre Convention;

    discuss metrological work that Member States decide to do in common, and set up and coordinate activities between specialists in metrology;

    make appropriate Recommendations;

    commission reports in preparation for meetings of the CGPM, for example the "Blevin" and "Kaarls" reports, and others such as the SI Brochure.

The CIPM is made up of eighteen individuals, each of a different nationality. The presidents of the Consultative Committees are appointed by, and are normally members of, the CIPM.

The CIPM meets every year (since 2011 in two sessions per year) and, among other matters, discusses reports presented to it by its Consultative Committees. Reports of the meetings of the CGPM, the CIPM, and all the Consultative Committees, are published by the BIPM.

The CIPM is made up of eighteen individuals, each of a different nationality:

CIPM bureau:

Date of provisional
election to the CIPM
(by the CIPM)
Most recent (re)election
by the CGPM
President Dr B. Inglis (Australia)7 Aug. 2000 2003
Secretary Dr R. Kaarls (Netherlands)14 Aug. 1994 2011
Vice-President Dr W.E. May (United States of America)9 June 2008 2011
Vice-President Dr J.W. McLaren (Canada)6 Mar. 2006 2007

Other CIPM members:

Dr B. Bowsher (United Kingdom)1 July 2012
Prof. H.S. Brandi (Brazil)15 May 2013
Dr K. Carneiro (Denmark)2 July 2004 2007
Dr Y. Duan (People's Republic of China)8 Mar. 2010 2011
Mr L. Érard (France)13 Sept. 2004 2011
Dr D.-I. Kang (Republic of Korea)12 Dec. 2013
Prof. V.N. Krutikov (Russian Federation)1 July 2012
Dr W. Louw (South Africa)15 May 2013
Dr H.O. Nava-Jaimes (Mexico)9 June 2008 2011
Dr A. Sacconi (Italy)30 Aug. 2007 2011
Prof. H. Uğur (Turkey)17 Feb. 1999 2011
Prof. J. Ullrich (Germany)15 May 2013
Dr T. Usuda (Japan)1 July 2012
Prof. J. Valdés (Argentina)30 June 1999 2007

ex officio Dr M.J.T. Milton (United Kingdom), Director of the BIPM

Membership criteria and election process:

    At its meeting in October 2013, the CIPM approved new criteria and a new process for election of CIPM members:

    Criteria and Process for Election of CIPM Members

    [102nd meeting of the CIPM (2013, Session II)]

    The revisions in this current version (dated 17 September 2014) are largely editorial, to align terminology with that used in Draft Resolution B. There is no change to the process from that described in the previous version (dated 28 October 2013 V6.5), posted in January 2014.

    Note: This procedure is subject to ratification by the CGPM.

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