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CCM: Consultative Committee for Mass and Related Quantities
Special issue on
International determination of the Avogadro constant

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Presentation by Dr Philippe Richard to the CIPM (October 2013)
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Workshop on the mise en pratique (Nov. 2012)
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in French: Comité consultatif pour la masse et les grandeurs apparentées
The CCM was set up in 1980.

Present activities concern matters related to the comparisons of mass standards with the international prototype of the kilogram, considerations affecting the definition and realization of the unit of mass, establishment of international equivalence between national laboratories for mass and a number of related quantities (density, pressure, force, fluid flow, viscosity, hardness, gravitational acceleration) and advice to the CIPM on these matters.

Dr P. Richard
Deputy Director 
Federal Institute of Metrology METAS 
Lindenweg 50 
CH-3003  Bern-Wabern 
Executive Secretary:*
Mr A. Picard
Director of the Mass Department 
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures 
Pavillon de Breteuil 
92312  Sèvres 

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*. Please send all CCM-related correspondence to the Executive Secretary of the CCM with copy also to the Interim Acting Executive Secretary: Dr Richard Davis, BIPM

CCM strategy – Summary

[See also the full CCM strategy document]
  Criteria for membership of the CCM
Rules of procedure for the CCs and their WGs
Directory of Consultative Committees

•  From 23 to 25 February 2015
Meetings of various CCM Working Groups

•  From 26 to 27 February 2015
15th meeting of the CCM