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BIPM staff members

Mr José María LOS ARCOS
Director of the Ionizing Radiation Department
Executive Secretary of the CCRI

Contact details

    Dept./Section:      Ionizing Radiation
     E-mail (@bipm.org):       jm.losarcos
     Tel.:       +33 1 45 07 70 90
     Fax:       +33 1 45 34 20 21


José María is Director of the BIPM's Ionizing Radiation Department and Executive Secretary of the CCRI. He is the BIPM contact person for all matters concerning ionizing radiation, including the BIPM's relations with the IAEA-SSDL, IRMM and WHO.

José María joined the BIPM in 2012, with over 30 years' experience in the field of ionizing radiation metrology. From 1992 until 2012, he was Head of, then R&D Adviser to, the Ionizing Radiation Metrology Laboratory at CIEMAT (the Spanish Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology Research). In particular he is known for the CIEMAT/NIST method to standardize beta-emitters by liquid scintillation measurements.

José María maintains a particular interest in extending the International Reference System (SIR) to beta- and alpha-emitters, and developing absolute calibration systems based on liquid scintillation techniques.



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