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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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BIPM work programme: Chemistry

The BIPM Chemistry Department's programmes are currently focused on:

  • Gas metrology – with facilities for the coordination of comparisons in support of the international equivalence of gas standards for air quality and greenhouse gas monitoring; and

  • Organic analysis – with facilities for the purity determination of organic pure substances and the coordination of primary calibrator purity assessment comparisons for molecules of atomic weight up to 10 kDa with relevance to clinical chemistry, food analysis, environmental analysis, forensics and pharma.

The Department's progammes and the CCQM comparisons it coordinates are allied to the CCQM strategic plan, to the work of the CCQM Working Groups on Gas Analysis (GAWG), Organic Analysis (OAWG) and Bioanalysis (BAWG), and to the CCQM comparisons of national chemical measurement capabilities and standards.