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Resolutions of the CGPM: 9th meeting (12-21 October 1948)
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Participation at the General Conference
24th meeting of the CGPM (2011): Presentations by CC Presidents
See also: Reports from CC Presidents at previous meetings of the CGPM
Resolutions of the CGPM
Proceedings of the CGPM
Chain of responsibility
Procedure for a State to become a Member of the BIPM
Procedure for a State or Economy to become an Associate of the General Conference
Evolving Needs for Metrology in Trade, Industry and Society, and the Role of the BIPM
Direct access
1(Vers une nouvelle définition du mètre)
2(Concernant les mesures de gravité)
3Triple point of water; thermodynamic scale with a single fixed point; unit of quantity of heat (joule)
4(Concernant un accord avec l'Unesco)
5(Dotation du BIPM)
6Proposal for establishing a practical system of units of measurement
7Writing and printing of unit symbols and of numbers
8(Concernant la dotation du BIPM)
9(Concernant la question des retouches à apporter à la Convention du Mètre)
10(Concernant la poursuite des résolutions)