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Resolution 5 of the CGPM (1975)
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of the CGPM at its 15th meeting (1975)

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Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (4) (6)

The 15th Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM),

considering that the system called "Coordinated Universal Time" (UTC) is widely used, that it is broadcast in most radio transmissions of time signals, that this wide diffusion makes available to the users not only frequency standards but also International Atomic Time and an approximation to Universal Time (or, if one prefers, mean solar time),

notes that this Coordinated Universal Time provides the basis of civil time, the use of which is legal in most countries,

judges that this usage can be strongly endorsed.

Comptes Rendus de la 15e CGPM (1975), 1976, 104
Metrologia, 1975, 11(4), 179-183

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text.