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PARTNERS working documents (Open access)
  2016_October (Directors)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
PARTNERS/2016-01Draft Agenda of the 18th Meeting of the Directors of NMIs and Member States Representatives2016/10/20PDF
185 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-02EURAMET Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe, document submitted by G. Rietveld2016/09/28PDF
2422 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-03Highlights in the work of the BIPM in 2016M. Milton, BIPM Director2016/11/09PDF
3238 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-04The BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme (CBKT)A. Henson (BIPM)2016/11/08PDF
2329 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-05 Decision of the WRC (2015) on the leap secondL. Erard, CCTF President 2016/11/08PDF
778 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-06Report from the Consultative Committees Presidents Meeting of 13 June 2016B. Inglis, CIPM President2016/11/09PDF
363 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-08Report from the Task Group for the Promotion of the Revised SIJ. Ullrich, CCU President2016/11/08PDF
3161 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-09CIPM MRA Review ProcessB. Inglis, CIPM President2016/11/08PDF
321 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-10Report from Sub-Group A: Management of the KC and CMC processes2016/11/08PDF
365 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-11Report from Sub-Group B: Mechanisms to support States with developing metrology systems2016/11/08PDF
404 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-12Report from Sub-Group C: Governance2016/11/08PDF
336 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-13Report from Sub-Group D: Specific issues relating to CMCs for chemistry and ionizing radiation2016/11/08PDF
742 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-14CIPM MRA Review: the JCRB PerspectiveA. Steele (NRC)2016/11/08PDF
167 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-15Proposal for a BIPM-VAMAS WorkshopG. Sims, VAMAS Chair 2016/11/08PDF
1049 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-16The UK Measurement Strategy P. Thompson, NPL (UK)2016/11/08PDF
1680 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-17Planning a new laboratory to deliver impact in South AfricaN. Mukhufhi, NMISA (South Africa) 2016/11/08PDF
2983 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-18The 3rd Master Plan for NIMTP. Shiowattana, NIMT (Thailand)2016/11/08PDF
651 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-19Multinational Research cooperation: experiences from EMPIRJ. Stenger, PTB (Germany)2016/11/08PDF
478 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-20NIST Programme to address next generation Healthcare and Forensic Science ChallengesW.E. May, NIST (USA)2016/11/08PDF
4993 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-21Developing chemistry and biology programmes in Republic of KoreaS.-R. Park2016/11/13PDF
2727 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-22Health challenges facing the developing worldD. Aswal, NPLI (India)2016/11/08PPT
1460 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-23Trace Element Analysis in food T. Usuda, NMIJ (Japan)2016/11/08PDF
1372 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-24The NMI Resource Registry: updateR. Hanisch, NIST (USA)2016/11/08PDF
2122 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-25Towards KCDB 2.0A. Henson (BIPM)2016/11/08PDF
1560 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-z-attendeesAttendees at the 18th NMI Directors and Member States Reps. meeting2016/11/08PDF
59 kbytes
PARTNERS/2016-z-photosGroup photo 2016/11/08Other
4215 kbytes
2016_October (Directors)
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