– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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JCTLM working documents (Open access)
  2015-12-01 (Members & Stakeholders Meeting, Day 2)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
JCTLM-15/00JCTLM Members` and Stakeholders` Meeting Agenda 2015/12/07PDF
135 kbytes
JCTLM-15/21Standardization in Haematology - current and futureS. Machin2015/12/07PDF
128 kbytes
JCTLM-15/22Standardization of blood coagulation tests. What has been achieved?T. van den Besselaar2015/12/07PDF
874 kbytes
JCTLM-15/23Metrological traceability in cell concentration determinationsJ. Neukammer2015/12/07PDF
3604 kbytes
JCTLM-15/24Implementation challenges - the C-peptide exampleR. Little2015/12/07PDF
979 kbytes
JCTLM-15/25Implementation challenges - the Thyroid hormone exampleK. van Uytfanghe2015/12/07PDF
455 kbytes
JCTLM-15/26Harmonization of TSH immunoassays based on glycoengineered TSH as new calibratorC. Ronin2015/12/10PDF
1011 kbytes
JCTLM-15/27Traceability expectations for autoimmune testingJ. Sheldon2015/12/07PDF
1504 kbytes
JCTLM-15/28Lipid disease - does standardization affect clinical practice?I. Young2015/12/07PDF
1462 kbytes
JCTLM-15/29Traceable lipoprotein particle counting for CVDV. Delatour2015/12/07PDF
3565 kbytes
JCTLM-15/30Update from the IFCC Working Group for CommutabilityG. Miller2015/12/07PDF
597 kbytes
JCTLM-15/31Standardization of Genome Amplification TechniquesN. Almond2015/12/07PDF
837 kbytes
JCTLM-15/32Standardized virus detection by NATH. Zeichhardt2015/12/07PDF
2183 kbytes
JCTLM-15/33Metrological traceability for Molecular DiagnosticsJ. Huggett2015/12/07PDF
3797 kbytes
JCTLM-15/34Reference methods and materials for KRAS mutations in cell free DNAA. Devonshire2015/12/07PDF
2447 kbytes
2015-12-01 (Members & Stakeholders Meeting, Day 2)
2015-11-30 (Members & Stakeholders Meeting, Day 1)
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